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PSA Drugfest 2003_Sleeveless Minks

from by Quelle Chris



This town ain’t the right size for you and I
6 million ways to fly who trying to die
The moon got a dark side. I know a guy
Who mix up a spliff like witches with newt eye
Cocktails unlike the Tom Cruise kind
Inhale choke up like a high noose tied
I’m too down like the blue towel
Alice the white rabbit and a white owl
couple hits‘ll put ya lights out ciao
Some white boys bringing the pipes out wow
Spark Ls like dude getting the Dell
For what they sell in the tubes many sit a cell
Cotton mouth moving like Rochelle Farrell
Hit the harvest with clippers like Sam Cassell
Word to Dewey Cox you won’t get hooked ahk
Laced or dip that shit turn your eyes Fetty Wap
When that shit got lame we spiced up the game
Brought out the blades and lined up cocaine
Preferred off white but albinos okay
To balance out the jump we rolled it up js
Honey had the stylish chain with the scoop
4 troop packed in the stall like the coup
Spontaneous interludes in the nude like Luke
Musta been the X that made them look cute
No peer pressure this campaigns grass roots
Squad members hailing from the top to the bottom
From coast to coast toast gamora and sodom
We dying to die with mo problems.

Smoke em if you got em
Sip em if you got em
Pop em if you got em
Snort em if you got em
Shoot em if you got em
Eat em if you got em
Drop em if you got em
Take em if you got em
Chew em if you got em
Fuck em if you got em
Roll if you got em

Farming the fungus like Mario the plumber
You can smell the cocktail off the sweat from the summer
Double the ration last trip was a bummer
Had to hit the new connect my Bae Bro had the number
You know the steez some Gs hit pharmacies
Alchemy initially prescribed for they knees
Over the border or order from over seas
Or cop it off the corner
Know a family down the street
I support local business.
Plus the head stays grass feed
Til the eyes go blood red
Who dat grew this shiznit?
That shavelli had my wig split
O M Jesus
When we out of town hit the legal with the visa
Know a bunch a stoners down to roll up til you seizure
From coast to coast toast gamora and sodom
We dying to die with mo problems


from Guns, released March 29, 2019


all rights reserved


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