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Hacksaws, crass, Black Rachmaninoff
Smack paws with the cats from the Donner Party,
That’s a body party….Ciara
Hunter’s lawyer, scared of nada
Paranoia among you marionettes is fodder for me
tell you father for me I said “what up, but don’t call me”
What’s the story? Glory, never. Not even when I’m salt and pepper you’ll go on and ignore me. Forever.. Cardi.
Still carded, immortal form in the shape of adorable stay sharper than Dominican barber shape ups
tabletop elegance
Parker Posey Peter New York elements
Par irrelevance, Smithsonian twice, pardon your feigned ignorance
Bitch pardon your life,
cotta terra color, botticeli body, mind a mile minute, the pedagogy’s for no fucks. Infinite
Get yours.
Better keep a medevac hovering 24, or the faults all yours as you draw your last breaths
and I draw chalk while you’re still talking all stressed
spitting ipecac, call your family, bawl out your chest boy
Act Next door, demeanor with the neck tats
Textbook procedure with an exact-o,
pro-fuse use of calling me sassy motherfucker
Balderdash I’m the original nasty motherfucker
Lets dance


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Fucks to give

You already know I’ma reign on it, bring me the check,
King Me
Fire, brimstone, magma, lava, Dylan, molten granite, dollars
longer it sits stronger the emcee
but no literal sitting humility
Nobody touch her
Nobodies given immunity and I start killing dusk at tho
Everybody doing the hustle like I’m shooting in a crowded disco
You pop cap locks, brother.

Ya missed me.
Did ya miss me, well you should have bought the catalog, stupid.
you getting watchu put in, pudding, clueless
I don’t make personal house calls to do this, foolish.
Rules is nixed,
cause my whole don’t exist, and if don’t go on a list
Then why the fuck should I color in lines
I’m colored in fine, new Crayola color
I see you colored in mine
Now who you say your mother…me?


Brutal, sharp, harsh wit get it in
better than pseudo, better men
Been yelling Uno
Since I was stepping in
Kudos, nada
Feel Uber lyft out, Juno?
Even in rudimentary form, in top form but you’ve been pawned like I’m not born
I pom pom myself solo tho, cheers, go alone mon ami holding no fears
Say uck em


from Everything's Fine, released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved


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