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Will you remember me
I woke up at 5 in morning
Wondered why
When Every breath is just a step to death
Every GOATs another second best
When I die will I survive or will fade until there’s nothing left
A second guess before I a light orange and white up but im pressed
so the stress take another 0 and 1 lead
Ain’t been the same since since the 2B let it bleed through me
Swore I would join the 27 entertaining heaven
And live it up real proper king shit til they dead him
in between the lines of each rhyme is the same
Saying will you remember me
Am I just a moment for few to see
Another black face rapping nigga on a cash chase
Dozen for a dime
A penny for your mind
That one time
Hoping the next sleep that I meet ain’t the brother with a cousin named
RIP before his come up came
I know the game
Same one that had Pac in the tub wit the chains. Switching lanes.
Kane in the robe with Godivas
Growing pains family Seaver
Often understated but they need us
Will you remember me
Over 20 albums deep
And still a new artist every 2 harvests
Candid creep
Off another peak can it be
Closer yet further way every leap
Will you remember me


from Guns, released March 29, 2019


all rights reserved


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