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Wild Minks (feat. Mach Hommy)

from by Quelle Chris



John the Baptist wore wild minks
Strewn bout the room with a swoon and a wink
Big body Bethlehem links.
Top model playing piano while he thinks
What’s perfection when life’s interesting on the brink
Gregorian chants over drinks
Reverence from legends historians seek.
Tone of Charlie’s good grief
With the soul of James’ good feet
Those who never ate of strange fruits think his tooth is unique
Yet within his group he’s very couth at the least
Just well in tune with the movements of beast
In the dark age he was unphased by the new waves
And stayed true to his old ways
Word on the streets was that he parted seas with ease
and broke bread with saints and thieves
The shade of his sleeve was the same as the slaves to king
The ravens wit and the mood that brings
The understanding of the enemy and power in the song one sings
A boast that Joseph’s coat would beg to emote
Feasting on meats that was bled from the throat
Lambs and goats
Wiping the the grease from said treats on the sleeves of his coats
Messages received from burning trees was translated to tablets so the heard could read
Indeed he ghost wrote psalms but few saw him on the scene
Masterpieces for the paycheck said he wants the same they cut Mike for the Sistine
Been a umpteen since he pissed clean
and stopped attending lessons couple blocks from the bean
Don’t try to rewrite your story when you die
Johnny not wore wild minks and so will I


Little Johnny at the county fair managed the dunk tank
Salame was twerking on Herod
Her horse carriage was hunchback
The north star challenge was dumb packed
At the starting line 100 wise men 3 made the finish
What made you talk about him
He say forgiveness
Love is tremendous just don’t fall in love with the image
As below so above no pretending
Left a stain in the shape of his mug on the linen
Encumbrances sold drugs on the fences
For sustenance
He got a mean C-walk like Dub C
Fuck a plea he step into the court and give them suckers grief
Cup of tea
A thousand pigs drowned in a lake
Piece of cake
He in the state of G-race he in the Wraith
He awake. He could evade jakes and beat the case
Either way frequency mayday fucking with legal aid
Need a break


from Guns, released March 29, 2019


all rights reserved


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