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Waiting For The Moon (feat. Mosel & Anna Wise)

from by Jean Grae & Quelle Chris



prod. Quelle Chris


Quelle verse:

One city defines the state of a cold counrty
8:50 the night devours the day hungry
Providing light for freaks who precede from the rosters of
1/5 of club hoppers rocking their favorite outfits
1/5 of foreheads tipping a fifth of vodka
1/5 of big fella thug niggas lifting the block up
The other 2 vary in hoods through various projects
And middle class areas carrying angels and monsters
This is life
Hip hops most dangerous topic
embedded in prophets who preach in the presence of mosh pits
But even in it’s most hectic the city is precious
The powerful pressure felt when learning a hard lesson
Confessions of first times in your life line
Came with the sunshine after nights far from your right mind and
Sometimes it’s beautiful
Sometimes it’s not
Sometimes it’s knucklehead niggas
Lotta times it’s the cops
Some brothers live in the dark all day rotting between a rock and a hard place
Because the light of day is a way to chase ya liquor up
And it takes a hard shake to wake a nigga up
Working the graveyard shift to get ya figures up
Hitting the strip club
Dollars weighing them strippers down

Like everybody waiting for the moon to come around

Anna Chorus:

Don’t waste your dreams
It’s never gonna be perfect
Know how it seems doing now
It’s always worth it
Sometimes it feels like
You can’t hold on
But hold hold
don’t let today bring you down
Baby don’t you wait for the moon to come around

Jean verse:

Fernanda’s mama said work hard, live hard because your time is short
Exactly why I kicked my life into high gear when my mama died
Less traumatized than apologetic
For all the times, I waited on some kinda rise up revolution from the people forget
To make me equal, to level the playing field at least to,
Let me play the game
But these two could never play the same
I should known it from her own shit how polarizing bullshit gender get Race get
Perception get
Stay in your place get
Know you role, no regrets
Connection of your faith in yourself
And owning it
Wish she could've lived out all her wishes fully without all her ties to us
and I say that with the understanding that I never could’ve lived out all my wishes even partly without all her ties to us
But I'm alive so thus
I never wait for tomorrow cause it’s the future and this linear times a vacant suture
Praise Tesla
Never wait for shit to happen is the primal lesson…. So you best to get down now, come on


Mosel verse:

Moon, scratch that Muna
In Arabic that be desire,
a frequent flyer
Fixing up my discipline the days reveal my Destiny,
niggas cant eff with me, like Nasir’s daughter.
Better get your money up, the Rap Gods taunt us
Mistakes from the previous generation still haunt us
The age of awakenings upon us, but they don’t really want us to tap into Ubuntu regardless
Folks waiting for the moon.
I’m waiting for my son to come around,
cause my BM on her BS, what a fucking clown
What I’m gone do now?
Be stressed, psyche we blessed to travel peaks and valleys
Allah Subhanwatallah is keeping the tallies of life’s test
So reverence your testimony with glory
Al Rahman ir-Rahim authored the story
Abdul Jabbar used to spit bars in cars with Corey
Mosel been that nigga since I was dating Midori
Rewind Selectah! But time flies
I done seen thousands of moons in my lifetime
I done seen it from both sides of the globe clothed under luminous night skies
They’ll be plenty more moons Insha’Allah
Everybody waiting for they moon to come around
I’m just praying that my son can hear me now



from Everything's Fine, released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved


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