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Scoop of Dirt (feat. Your Old Droog)

from by Jean Grae & Quelle Chris



prod. Quelle Chris


Quelle verse:

Ladies and crackers
Niggas and gentlemen
The Ohs original cruddsters in the tenement
Antonio Vargas Flyguy chain big shit
High big spliffs
Up the window break the rental in
Trash laced with pizzazz
Walk with the sane relate with mad
Q Chris sipping on piss
The only thing neat is the Knob Creek
Q Chris sipping on piss
The only thing sweepstakes’s is the MD two zero backslash twenty
Mad dogs Mae heathcliffs cross the street
Riff Raffs flag a cab
Catch me outside how bout that
I maneuver the game of life and mousetraps
Threw some crudd on it make that good snap back
Mike Epps slapen her fatty
Pulling her rat yack

Throw a little dirt on em (2x)

Droog verse:

Spll my beet drink and rub my stink feet on the laminant
Stalker fans come through and examine it
Make songs with my fam and they jamming it
Slap the phone out ya hand for Shazzaming it
Into a pile of vomit
Hip hop ahmet ertegun
See me like damn same shirt again
I don’t care who act funny trying to rank
If there’s money in the motherfucking bank and a tank full
Q can roll a dank like an ankle
We’re thankful
Give praise to Puerto Rican Jesus
Run straight to the mirror and squeeze puss
All I see is black heads and white heads
Keep my shirt on
Not sexy enough like Right Said Fred
Strutting on stage with swamp butt
Hunchback posture and gut
Looking like the number 6
If I bend down might see crack like when the plumber comes to fix
With B.O. use cologne to try and mask it
Go so hard might blow a gasket
Singlehandedly lowering all the greatest rappers caskets


Throw a little dirt on em
Sprinkle a little dirt on em
splash a little dirt on em
Flash a little dirt on em

Jean Grae Verse:

Fire off five shots, and a maniacal laugh
then point the six shooter in your stache,
and run down viable paths for said bullet.
Lex Luthor minding your ass And then pull it.
I’ll give you a dirt bath, your forever home,
as I tip in your body from back in the Hertz man,
no one ever know
(I keep secrets)
Heathcliff, double life without the rapes constructing like Hephaestus,
if the reference lost, look up your Greek shit
Was the moniker, While Mmenoch’s busy,
I’m busier, shape shift Vivica A face,
manslaughter like friends of Monica
Fuck your Rachel, Phoebe, Ross chronicles,
Khadija Max, Kyle bae honest tho
Hakuna Matata not now,
Omarosa not now
vamanos, gotdamn
Feel like The Babadook in his top hat,
on a rainbow float in a crop top cause take what you owed,
And make it your own, and throw the dirt up on em.


from Everything's Fine, released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved


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