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Dane Orr on Sax
prod. Jean Grae




They came first for me and I spoke up
With every line I spoke they just tightened the yoke up
No silver linings cept their lining all their coke up
On the mirrors reflecting damn nothing on the close up
they succubi, vampires fucking suck you dry
aint nothing will change if chains is the bucket list
I can see em praying everyday that’ll we’ll fucking die.
ingrained, and deep down does the bucking get.

Ima proponent of the mainframe hacking, if it wasn’t built for me
I’ll take the game lay’n axe in crack skin pull back treat it as I’m operating a mature bris
bitch What’s your purpose

You can see I aint reigned in no puppets upon me
The pressure, what’s it feel like
What’s your souls deal like
Cause I’m so free

Now I know what it means be a shutout, for choosing ironically never to live as a cutout
the use of technology equal to having a gun out, my open carry of self is offensive as a motherfucker
Just so younger couples can maybe see us and come up with another way to run up in these open lanes among us
catch your throat in a yes sir. Debt occurred
Get yer black ass
Of their turf.
Be great.

2nd Verse:


They be pushing me to the point of pressure.
In need of therapy with pressure points.
I hit a joint to sore higher than a airliner.
This wasn't bout the coal miners since cold opens. Live from new York.
The black alien space race Malikai York.
The smash grab no hash tag riot for sport. The way they burned down Greenwood and Rosewood, Florida.
They reserved the hood for ya to preserve the jail quota.
Cause what's the law to a land owner when trespassing is our only way of passing and they shot on sight.
I hope the truest make it through the night. Control delete alt right.
The harmony off key. I'll take the Colin Kaepernick knee. Like you ain't bought to off me cause I am free.
An open book. That you can quote without cliff notes. And you can judge it by the cover with the metal wrists and noose throats.
I'm trying to delegate a new hope


from Everything's Fine, released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved


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