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OhSh (feat. Hannibal Buress)

from Everything's Fine by Jean Grae & Quelle Chris



prod. Quelle Chris




All star big boy with the 4butter Doug Prishpeed.
Tryin to snag a bag the size of Kris Kristy.
We come thru snapping your city's a wrap big Leslie.
We show up and show out like Eddie snapping on Reggie.
I'm chill but chill don't make me bust up ya headpiece. Seen.
Ya styles is ass. Ya fans is g string.
You can beat then join em your stance is weakling.
The bass fuck up your face and ain’t the weekend.
Fans beg him to leak the new heat like Trumps staff.
Daft deep in the bloodline like Bubba with shrimp. Traveling man the plans to go out with a Gump past.
Make your radio sign up for tender and swipe right cause I'm the stereo type like niggas who run fast.
You got hate on ya plate and loss in your lunch bag.
You're whole album needs saving. My features a must have.
Your engineer be like Rock on the clock cause he dumps trash.
Whoever said it ain't been done don't know I did it. Been doing it since niggas fitted cap wasn't fitted.
All that and a sack of snacks with the sammiches.
Then smoke it out like Tatsu with the foot ninja vanishing.
Big noggin colorful paper my peoples is handling.
King of the ring sting with aluminum bats shit.
And if they claim that they do what I'm doing is bat shit. Like fuck you and err nigga that you ever rapped with.
I got money on me getting money something reckless. That's an investment.
Them Vibe niggas no jive now that's a collective. All in all even my flaws is impressive.
They call it complex. I call em ol common bitches with collars on necks. It's calling vs text. You heard the inflection bredren the message ain't mixed.
You know what I meant. I said what I meant.


Oh Shit 3x

This for dummies who from like they know shit
My wise heads still grinding to grow shit

Oh shit 4x

This for my honeys with money that own shit
My blowed niggas get money and grow shit



I ain’t got not fur coat but I got a book bag full of merlot. I’m lying I ain’t got no fucking merlot.
I drink whiskey but I do want a fur coat. This shit is trippy.
Just in the bar spitting bars at the bar. Go to the bathroom. The a shit the I hop in a Uber car.
Too bazaar you know who you are. You should get hit by a moving car.
You stupid broads make me too exhausted. What’s going on?
Are you retarded?
I’m not retarded.
Is that your father?
A tragic liar. Is that designer?
Is that a fire? Remember Mya?
I’m awkward with chopsticks. I’m like aww shit,




Shit fucking right flame on
Phoenix Krush your whole groove
Rae Dawn
Get 86’ed Radon
First gimme your love, Barry, Faison
it’s the real Serenade swan song , face palm Scherazade, but I killed the king on day one.
Heritage, part asian
Smack your merit badges off your body with a baseball…. bat
Stay strong.
Niggas act like I’m elusive and Medusa
clueless as they never knew there was a man with Luther. Stupid.
Avon like slayage from door to door, but they ignore for more dumb shit the gaul
From Charles Degaulle to y’alls bar… beotch.
Large halls, small spaces like Fiats.
your balls, and malt balls.
Same scale.
my guffaws at your barrage of all star false grails
Is loud and obnoxious like there’s noxious gasses in the air
Collins, Im Indiana on columns
Cares, don’t got em
shit, what For nada
Nothing’s a problem unless your face is not in the gutter, you’re trash.


from Everything's Fine, released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Quelle Chris Detroit, Michigan

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