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My Contribution To This Scam

from Everything's Fine by Jean Grae & Quelle Chris



prod. Quelle Chris


Rap Is Something You Do


My contributions to this scam

I’m wearing overalls one shoulder off
Dwayne Wayne flip glasses
Syrup for my cough
It’s gone be lit. I ain’t wrote shit

I mean I just understand rap. Like it’s inside of me. Like old school. I so respect it. It says Tupac on my shirt.

Everyone can say nigga. It’s 2000 and….


You’re Dot in the Wiz you bring nothing, you ruin shit, douchey Axe body spray influences,
Why I gotta deus ex machina things I’m done doing this
Save yourself, useless untie the neck nooses, I’m tired semi-colon sick I done threw up the deuces 86 times,
with no,
hint of, shtick
On the bull eye , tick lyme,
older than the distance of Reticuli, that’s particularly relevant so you know when I kick it I be an elephant man
Not a Joseph Merrick an elephant, fam,
never forget like America the land of the klan
They gave you tha,t I gave you 9 minute schoolgirl rants ,
Jill Palance epic eastern manifestos while you’re on keisters waiting a trend to pop off,
you knock off chinatown alleyway circle jerk box office ratings you tube reviewer shut up
You’re contributing nutta thing, did I stutter,
You’re not helping --


My contributions to this scam

I came in with a 40 oz, 5 niggas is came up with, they all rap too, 100 CD-R discs, 3 fire 16s and a dime bag

I brought 2 bottles of Alize to get us straight, 2 stunts I been trying to stunt on from round the way, plus my little man here’s the truth peep what he gotta say.


Class in session. No questions. Hands down.
Pick up the mic up and I make the bionic man sound.
Ya clan trying to get in the lens they all fans now. Been hip hop since Kris Kross was turning pants round.
Errbody wanna be a brand. I follow the bar code. Don't write bars for the scans.
And get bread. Counting carbs is the plan. Big for the britches. Slurred slick talking off the liquids. Trowing up like I'm crip walkin.
Boning up on the flow circa 94.
Peep how the kid went from a wee bit cold to cryo.
The pro black coal like Christ’s toes.
Bless his soul. Optimist Esther Rolle. Disc jockies jock the discs.
Too sqoo.
Out the pad or off the top like lice. Jumping.
High brain fried like rice and small prawns.
Against slight odds and long arms of blue bloods in white hoods.
Mad cause we young black niggas hanging out in white hoods.
Low budget studios. Pop stopper mama pantyhose.
Now the CO’s got Grammy cameos. Red bottoms on they high school sweethearts hammer toes.
A jay before the Emmys like Boy Better Know.



My contribution to this scam

I got my rhyme books in my backpack and a fat sack. Just the contact could set you back like is was fall black and all that

Let's go listen to this shit in the ride. Roll through the hood bang it out on ten all night. My cuz got the plug in at power 105.


Hi I got my selfie stick cause I do it for the Gram. The Flat Tummy Tea cause I do it for the brands. I make a rap album because anybody can.


from Everything's Fine, released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Quelle Chris Detroit, Michigan

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