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Gold Purple Orange

from Everything's Fine by Jean Grae & Quelle Chris



Dane Orr on Sax
prod. Quelle Chris


Verse :


If you two wheel and tryin to chill getta kick stand.
Everybody getting money had a game plan.
Every truth seeker dropped by a hit man.
Everybody alt right gotta be white.
Everybody disagree gotta be wrong.
Everybody black dick gotta be long.
Every mixtape dropped gotta be free.
Everybody from the hood gotta be g.
Everything in the news gotta real right.
Every jew golden rule gotta save bills.
Every young nigga got a dead beat daddy.
Every independent lady attitude trashy.
Anybody ain't lit gotta be old.
If you dressed like that gotta wanna fuck.
If i got locks then i gotta stay blowed.
And if it ain't fronto it's gotta be a blunt.
And if I cop squares why they gotta be ports.
Either keep it real or you uncle Tom bugging.
If two ain't the same why one gotta be broke.
You can play the game I ain't gotta be nothing for you.
But me. From the head nappy to feet. Can't hurry sum so complete.
Took time like duck confit. If spaceships too far from ya reach.
It's weightless way down in the deep. Yeah.
You ain't bout to have me losing no sleep cause I'm grinding you ain't bout to see me snoozing no sleep same time man



Young girl side ponytail thrift store garb
Frizzy hair, bookworm, but street smart
Immigrant, children watching Buckwheat late night
Listen to Depeche Mode Big Audio-o Dynamite,
Identity crisis are coming later vices are coming even later prices for a life lived (lived)
Without life built for the right price guilt,
Cause you can be the things they say to be and get killed (killed)
With difficulty comes learning, where typically those, less exposed to those burdens
Can flourish without knowing themselves, without growing themselves
Without them moments of doubt, moments of bells all ringing singing low self
Esteem, Jean walk a hundred feet tall, walk mean, talk obscene, craw guffaw,
Cross Scenes , never cross on the green cause fuck yo standards
Cause I ain’t gotta be nothing for you but me
From my 3b down to feet
can’t fathom how it’s so complete
Take your time like duck confit
Spaceships they ain’t never out of reach
Im up high and down down in the deep
You ain’t bout to have me losing no sleep cause I’m grinding
You ain’t bout to see me snoozing no sleep same time man

For the 10 ft short. 100 degrees cold. Riding high on summit low. Mighty weak. Light as stone. Pretty ugly. Faded glow. Hold on tight I'm letting go. 1 million dollars poor. Live to die. Dying to grow. (Repeat)


from Everything's Fine, released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Quelle Chris Detroit, Michigan

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