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BS Vibes (feat. House Shoes) [prod. Chris Keys]

from by Quelle Chris




Just stepped in from outer space

Damn I'm feeling great

People I done met

Places I done stayed

Lessons that I learned from my unmendable mistakes

Pressure to be greater than. Feinding to relate

Said no to yesterday. Yes to knowing more

Note my glowing aura

One one can't ignore

Two to all that hating that means peace sign Nileseyy Niles

Never cared bout style and that goes back to 90 now

Some might cower "He's too versatile. His mind ain't right as it might sposed to be."

Ya BS vibes may rub off on a nigga

The p.s. reads "Don't stand so close to me."

Proper rhymes. I snap like papadums

Mic in a choke like fights in octagons

Dot connect. Please find some better lines

Beats like fine china. I break and then they buy

I do work on the body like Macco

So when I call "hey. ho." they respond when I say so

Bars upon bars is the mission

Snackin off raps. You wait. Wash the dishes

Absolutely Bruce Lee

Snap the puss to Boosie

I lived by the loose leaf since a kid. Ice cream on the face like Gucci

My nigga Cav came through dressed like Cochise.

They be like "oh shit they chiefs. To both knees,"

From short sleeves to low teens.

That's year round I rep Crown till Niles peace


Ever since my first words hit the pad

Had to check myself in like shit I might have a habit

With each hit and each line grew addicted

Couldn't kick the kicks and the HIs kept him lifted

They pushed my buttons so I turned to controller

Master of ceremonies. Colder as I'm older

Mark my words. Don't politic with herbs

Don't wanna sip your beers. Don't try to pass me herb

So take a picture but it won't last longer

I stay on the mind and in spirit I'll grow stronger

You was the "hook on phonics worked for me" type

I was off hooks over bomb beats. Getting mad hype

But hearing bs only brings out the most in me

So while homes roasting you their ladies is toasting me

So stay in your place where you 'sposed to be.

P.s. don't stand close to me.



from Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often, released February 10, 2017
produced by Chris Keys
vocals by Quelle Chris
cuts by House Shoes


all rights reserved


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