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Shotgun & Sleek Rifle

by Quelle Chris



When Quelle Chris first released "Shotgun & Sleek Rifle" in November 2011, he went on the MMG radar. After a few talks, Quelle joined up with MMG and began working on his upcoming Mello releases. Still, this classic record was something we wanted to add to the catalog to make sure people heard what inspired us early on. So here it is, the original Quelle Chris "Shotgun & Sleek Rifle" album in all it's glory.

About Quelle Chris & The Album:
Quelle was first introduced as a member of the legendary Detroit hip hop group Wasted Youth, an extension of the Breakfast Club which also included well known Detroit rappers Elzhi and Ta'Raach. After a stint in the indie rock and electronic scene as a member of two bands, Quelle returned to hip hop along with Detroit hip hop heavyweight House Shoes and released Blue Mondays. He then changed directions releasing two albums with the electro-hop group Awesome in Outer Space and an album with his group Crown Nation called "SlutBag Edition." "SlutBag Edition," which Elzhi has called one of "his favorite albums of 2009" and has often been referred to as a detroit classic, led to production collaborations with artists like Guilty Simpson and Fool's Gold artist Danny Brown. After leading production on Danny Brown's historic release "the Hybrid" and scoring acclaim from greats like Rah Digga, Just Blaze, and A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip, Quelle has returned to his roots as an emcee once again to bring balance back to the art from he was born to birth.

His newest project, "Shotgun and Sleek Rifle," is a return and homage to his roots. With features from House Shoes, Danny Brown, Crown Nation member Denmark Vessey, New York's Roc Marciano, and the group he started it all with, Wasted Youth. The album is a beautiful blend of soul and grunge, pulling from both his deep roots in rock and his unmatched love for hip hop. As a teenager his mother asked Quelle what his ten year goal was; his response was "to fly and destroy planets." This new album, my friends, promises to be the closest he's come so far.


released November 15, 2011

production by House Shoes, Quelle Chris, Mosel, Roc Marciano.

featuring Danny Brown, Denmark Vessey, Roc Marciano, Machine, Big Tone, Goose, Maya Songbird


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Crook (prod. Roc Marciano)
"Learn something, read a book / learn something, see the crook / the enemy is right behind your eyes / they ain't holding you back it's just your mind"
Track Name: Slaves (feat. Roc Marciano)
"We ain't bullshit, we don't beat around it"

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